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Allow us to manage your assets so that you can increase conversions in other countries and have the freedom to do what you do best: take care of your business.

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4ON solutions work for all browsers and devices. We guarantee selling speed for you and your customers.


Easy and accessible solutions for:

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  • One-stop shop;
  • Subscription companies;
  • Software platforms and marketplaces;
  • E-commerces;
  • Gaming;
  • And all your business in mind.

4ON payments technology and software solutions simplify sales so that our customers around the world can grow securely.

Increase your approval rates, reduce fraud and
accept international and domestic cards with
local payment processing.

Our vision is to provide openness, connection
and efficiency in global financial markets by
creating fast, personal, accurate and – most
importantly – secure payment experiences in every transaction.

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Processing payments in different countries can be challenging without a local intermediary. Each country has its peculiarities and legislation.

No worries, we will care for all your foreign exchange, payment flow, fraud management, and legal issues to ensure every transaction you make is smooth and secure.

You decide how to expand.

Local Bank Transfers

Since we have local entities in all the markets, we can deliver to all the users that transfer into our bank accounts. With us, you can settle in any part of the world without complications.

This allows us to deliver to all the users to transfer into our bank accounts and we can settle you in any part of the world without a problem.

Our legal experts and tax advisors will keep your assets safe.

Cash Payment Options

Users who want to pay with bar codes and reference numbers can avail this option. They select the solution of the method, print the voucher, and go to the store or location where they want to pay.

Over 56% of the Latin American population prefers to use this type of payment. Since over 40% of the population does not have formal jobs or either because they are non-bankarized, they are obliged to pay with this method.


We introduce the pay-in service where your users, partners, merchants or customers can collect using different payments options.

Credit Cards

We offer processing with the most crucial brands along with other local ones. Our solution allows payments in installments.

Our solution is connected precisely to local acquirers, reducing the risk of declined payments.

Debit Cards

A debit card also referred to as a bank card, plastic card, or check card is a plastic payment card that can be used instead of cash when making purchases.

When using a debit card, unlike a credit card, the money is immediately debited directly from the cardholder’s bank account for each performing transaction.

Alternative Payment Options

One of our verticals is to provide a customized experience to our merchants and partners so we can pay with several methods to deliver the best product.

Each alternative payment method has its unique application and settlement process, language,and currency support, and is subject to national rules and regulations.


Pay-out options where we deliver 2 types of products

Prepaid Cards

You can request the card and use it worldwide to pay for what you love most. Be it travel, online shopping, or whatever you want.

This vertical is the best asset for payouts to users; with this, they can convert their digital balances into fiat money within just a few seconds.

Cash Agents

4On has direct integration with the most crucial payments solutions in each country so you can make your withdrawal from the closest location to you.

This product was created and designed to help Latin American users receive their money even if they do not have a bank account.

we work:

Vertical 1


Where you can receive payment from any part of Latin America, from North of Mexico to the Southwest point in Patagonia, we set 3 types of services.

→ Alternative Payment Options

60% of the Economy in Latin America prefers to pay in stores or via ATMs, and it is the favorite payment option for Latinos.

→ Online Bank Transfers

If you do not want to go to the store and pay, at the moment, you can do it via home banking; it’s just that simple.

→ Credit & Debit Cards

We have precise connections with the acquirers allowing us to increase the approval rate for the merchants. We collect your money in local currency and settle it internationally for you.

we work:

Vertical 2


You can make the payments to your users, merchants, or employees without any complications, without the cost of international wires or any hidden fees.

→ Local Bank Account
→ Store Withdrawal
→ To cards (in development)

4on offers the best experience for your payments.

We believe and work towards a win-win solution.

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What do we believe? Managing payments can be tricky – but now you can develop your ability to receive them in a hassle-free way. We are a platform that capitalizes on your opportunities. With our refined and responsive software intelligence that works for all browsers and devices, we guarantee selling speed for you and your customers. More than a global perspective to your business, 4on removes barriers so that you can grow internationally with easy access to the Latin, American, European and African markets. Our vision is to provide openness, connection, and efficiency in global financial markets by creating fast, personal, accurate, and – most importantly – secure payment experiences in every transaction. We manage your assets so that you can increase conversions in other countries and have the freedom to do what you do best: take care of your business.

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